A Homespun Cotton Furoshiki: Sashiko Stitched Name and Thread Flavor

$45.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
26 1/2" x 26", 67.25 cm x 66 cm 

In Japan, homespun, hand woven cotton contains a desirable quality called ito aji or thread flavor, and this muted and complex cotton furoshiki is rich in ito aji.

A furoshiki is a traditional wrapping cloth; humble pieces like this one were used for storage or for carrying things, where finer pieces were used for gift presentation.

This one is hand stitched of two pieces of beautiful, dark colored cotton and it shows a chain stitched, sashiko name on the upper, right hand corner.

Please note a tear to the proper, upper left-hand corner of the wrapping cloth.

A beautiful, subtle, traditional furoshiki, rich in deep colors and hand woven texture.