A Beautifully Hand Spun Cotton Furoshiki: Thread Flavor

$90.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
58" x 50", 147.25 cm x 127 cm

Even though plaid may not seem to be a typical Japanese design, in reality, over the centuries, the Japanese have developed and produced amazingly beautiful plaid cloth in an infinite variety of colors and styles.

This is a very beautiful plaid for its rich indigo color and for its hand spun, hand woven cottons: the feel of this cotton is rustic and old and the structure of the plaid is simple and beautiful. 

The cotton was made into a traditional carrying cloth called a furoshiki, this one was used hard as can be seen by the attractive patches and by the small tear to the bottom, left hand corner, all illustrated on the detail photos accompanying this post.

A wonderfully sturdy and beautiful furoshiki from old Japan which is made from perfectly beautiful indigo dyed cotton cloth.


A Beautifully Hand Spun Cotton Furoshiki: Thread Flavor