A Hand Twined Akebia Vine Basket: Elegant, Beautiful Form

$495.00 USD

mid twentieth century
11 1/2" h x 13" w x 7 1/2" d
29 cm h x 33 cm w x 19 cm d

This is a beautiful, hand twined basket which is made of a native Japanese flowering plant, the akebia. 

Akebia is one of the several vines, vine barks and plants that were used to hand craft baskets in old Japan.  Akebia is a strong and flexible material, so much so that to this day it is quite easy to find tea pot handles which are made from this natural material.

This good sized basket is beautifully formed as can be seen by looking at the ample detail photographs provided here: the top of the basket is an ovoid shape which tapes to a very narrow, pinch at the bottom of the vessel.  The form of this basket is extremely elegant and would appeal to an architect or engineer for is construction and its strength.

It is symmetrically designed and it was designed to carry on the back and during its life time it would have been rigged with twine or rope ties that would have secured this basket to the back of the bearer. 

The color and the condition of the akebia fiber is very good.  The basket is still extremely sturdy and durable.  There is very little wear to the piece, no breaks at all, and overall the hand woven basket is still very handsome and serviceable. A wonderful hand craft from old Japan.

Very recommended, and it comes from an important collection.