A Beautifully Colored Sakiori Obi: Mottled Tones

$95.00 USD

mid twentieth century
100" x 6", 254 cm x 15 cm

Shown here is a sakiori obi, which is a traditional kimono sash that has been woven from a weft of shredded, recycled cloth--in this case it may be a mixture of cotton and silk.

The warp yarns are very fine and are brown, black, white and red in color which add a richness of color to the obi. The weft rag yarns are bars of yellow-green pink, brown and mottled tones. Interesting to note about this sakiori obi is that the some of the ends of torn cotton weft yarns are quite noticeable in various areas of this obi.

A beautifully muted sakiori obi in good, well-used condition appropriate with its age.