A Beautifully Colored, Fully Reversible Boro Futon Cover: Wonderful Age

$395.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
69" x 39", 175 cm x 99 cm

Both of the sides of this boro futon cover are beautiful and it is up to you to decide which is the more attractive side.

The base cloth is beautifully woven cotton, more than likely from the 19th century, and certainly it was recycled from a kimono.

But it is the color of the patches, and their size and arrangement in relation to the base cloth, that make each of these sides as aesthetically rich as they are.

The color palette of the proper "front," shown as the lead photos here, is simply beautiful--and surprising. The arrangement of patches on the "back," and the stitching which is more obvious here, is also really strong and really attractive.

The base cloth is well-used and shows a good deal of wear, snags and abrasion, but this is typical of boro textiles and this one is a good example.