A Beautifully Color Toned Sakabukuro: Dyed and Re-dyed

$275.00 USD

early twentieth century
28 1/2" x 11", 72.5 cm x 28 cm

This wonderful hand stitched bag is made of a canvas-weight cotton whose brown color is the result of the application of green persimmon tannin or kaki shibu as it is called in Japan. The leathery quality and the deep, rich, mahogany tones of the brown color are the result of this bag being dipped many times in kaki shibu: kaki shibu does not dye yarns per se but it coats them, thus giving the cloth a kind of rich color and slick surface.

The bold mending patches and the marvelous stitching on the front and the back of this bag are both artful and useful and the good amount of both of them makes this sakabukuro desirable and collectible.

Sakabukuro, or sake straining bags were used as filters in sake making.

Crude sake, or sake lees, was placed in this bag and pressure was applied to squeeze out and filter the liquid. Repeated use required repeated mending. and we see the wonderfully odd stitches applied for this purpose.  


This is a wonderful example of a old mended sakabukuro.


A Beautifully Color Toned Sakabukuro: Dyed and Re-dyed