A Beautiful Unworn Sakiori Sodenashi: Sashiko Stitched Gusset

$425.00 USD

mid twentieth century
32" x 12 1/2", 81.25 cm x 31.75 cm

This is an wonderful, seemingly unused old sakiori sodenashi, meaning it is a sleeveless garment which is woven with a weft of torn rags, in this case they are almost all of indigo cotton, a desirable characteristic where sakiori sodenashi are concerned.

This work garment also contains two other inherent details which also make it a cut above others of this type which are a hemp warp--in this case it is woven in such a way as to suggest a hexagon or a tortoise shell pattern--and an indigo dyed cotton gusset that is sashiko stitched in white thread.

So the combination of the hemp warp, the indigo dyed cotton weft and the sashiko stitched gusset all combine to create an exemplary sakiori work garment and one that is highly recommended.

It is simply structured from two narrow lengths of rag woven cloth that are finished with indigo dyed cotton trim; these two pieces are stitched together with thick, white cotton.  Vests such as these were worn for work, and one of their uses was to protect the back of the wearer from the abrasion which could occur when carrying burden: in some ways you can say that this sodenashi, or sleeveless garment, doubles as a back pad.

Its color is beautiful from the wheat toned warp against the dark blue weft, and its condition is seemingly unused.

It is a stunning little jewel of a sakiori sodenashi and one that should be considered by any collector of Japanese folk textiles, especially those whose focus is on sakiori material.

Very recommended.


A Beautiful Unworn Sakiori Sodenashi: Sashiko Stitched Gusset