A Beautiful Tsutsugaki Furoshiki: Hand Spun Cotton

$245.00 USD

late nineteenth century
37" x 38", 94 cm x 96.5 cm

This is a remarkably good tsutsugaki furoshiki which is hand woven from wonderful hand spun cotton yarns.

Its design is that of a young pine, new roots still quite visible to make the point, which is laid out on the surface of the furoshiki on an artful angle. The resisted drawing of the young pine is beautifully detailed and delicate as can be seen on the accompanying detail photos which only hint at the actual beauty of this piece and its beautiful color.

The cotton is heavy and almost rustic in feeling; the piece is hand stitched from three pieces. A family crest is shown on the upper left-hand corner of the piece and its image is that of bamboo.

The high quality of the cotton cloth, the beautifully rendered pine, the alluring light indigo color, the good age of the piece all add up to making this a very desirable cloth from old Japan.


A Beautiful Tsutsugaki Furoshiki: Hand Spun Cotton