A Beautiful Small Kasuri Furoshiki: Sashiko Stitched Corners

$145.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
26" x 26", 66 cm x 66 cm

Kasuri furoshiki with an overlay of sashiko stitching like this one, are something of a favorite here at Sri.  This one is a very nice one: it is in good condition, the kasuri is complex and interesting and the stitching on all four corners is just great.

The furoshiki, a traditional wrapping cloth, is hand stitched from two hand loomed pieces of indigo dyed cotton kasuri cloth. 

Two opposing corners show a very fine network of kikko or tortoiseshell pattern while the other two opposing corners show a mash-up of a folding fan with some kind of floral motif worked into it: sashiko stitchers out there, if you can name this motif, please do send an email.

The overall condition is very good, almost un-used, save for a rust colored stain, barely visible, that is shown highlighted in two of the detail photos that are attached to this post.

Showing a wonderfully complex design, this small furoskiki has a lot to admire in its wonderful kasuri and its very skillful sashiko stitching.

A little beauty.

A Beautiful Small Kasuri Furoshiki: Sashiko Stitched Corners