A Beautiful, Rustic Tsutsugaki Furoshiki: Auspicious Noshi

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late nineteenth, early twentieth century
40" x 38", 101.5 cm x 96.5 cm

This is a lovely, tsutsugaki dyed cotton furoshiki which is a traditional carrying or wrapping cloth and was most probably part of a bridal trousseau.

The resist dyed image is that of the noshi, or auspicious abalone, an image often used on celebratory textiles in old Japan.

Noshi is dried abalone that is stretched into long, ribbon like strips.  The word noshi is a homonym for the word “prolong,” so it became customary to include noshi with a gift as a symbol of longevity and prolonged happiness. Please note the sashiko stitched cross in the dead center of this image, shown in the accompanying detail photos, as well as sashiko stitched exes in three of the corners, also shown as details.

The cotton is thick and hand woven of hand spun cotton yarns. Please note the repaired holes shown in detail here--they seem to be recently mended.

A beautiful, graphically appealing folk textile from old Japan.

A Beautiful, Rustic Tsutsugaki Furoshiki: Auspicious Noshi