A Beautiful Patched Kimono: Superb Inside and Out

$695.00 USD

early twentieth century
40" x 45", 101.5 cm x 114 cm

This is an extremely handsome boro or patched old cotton kimono that is as interesting inside as it is outside. 

If you were waiting to acquire a very good boro kimono please consider this one: it has beautiful design, wonderful color, it is sturdily made and, again, it visually interesting inside and out.

Please pore over the many images shown here to see the many details which are better looked at than described in words.

You will notice, however, expert patching, muted colors that work together as a scheme, and small areas of stitched mending, some of which are noted on the accompanying detail photos here.

The color contrast of browns and blues, inside and out, is rich.

Highly recommended and if you are so inclined, still wearable.

Fantastic. Beautiful.