A Beautiful Mid-Century Boro Textile: Colors and Eccentric Stitching

$175.00 USD

mid twentieth century
51" x 27", 129.5 cm x 68.5 cm

This is a beautifully designed and arranged fragment from a boro futon cover or sleeping mat, and, although quite different on each side, each side is really attractive.

The front side, shown in most of the photos here, is a beautiful arrangement of blocks of color and value, the composition being both balanced and surprising--pay special attention to the areas of stitching at the top of the piece which are very free and eccentric. The tight color palette is beautiful.

The back of the piece is also visually interesting, but it is very quiet in comparison to the front. The patches are almost the same color as the base cloth which is very abraded, showing layers through its surface.

For those interested in collecting and interesting, rich, boro textile, consider this one.