A Beautiful Itajime Yukata: Indigo Dyed Cotton

$375.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
52" x 47 1/2", 132 cm x 120.5 cm

This a marvelously clear and bright indigo dyed cotton yukata that has been dyed in the itajime shibori method.   

The cotton of this unlined, casual kimono seems not to be hand loomed, but even so, it has a beautifully soft and gauzy hand that would make you think otherwise.  The repeat pattern of hexagons--beautifully done--is achieved by folding and clamping the cotton before dyeing; this shaping of the cloth and dyeing under pressure yields the kaleidoscopic effect we see here.

The hexagon form is also known as kikko or tortoise shell, which, as you may imagine, conveys a wish for long life.  In addition to the repeated kikko, we also see six-pointed floral shapes within this geometric network, which allude to a motif the Japanese call sekka or snow flower.

By having a look at the accompanying detail photos it is easy to see that this shibori yukata is in very good condition.  One or two very small, insignificant stains, shown on the accompanying detail photos, are hard to see but are noted.

A wonderful garment, beautifully designed and executed.


A Beautiful Itajime Yukata: Indigo Dyed Cotton