A Beautiful and Unusual Boro Textile: Noren Pieces

$245.00 USD

early twentieth century
61" x 45", 155 cm x 114 cm

This large and wonderfully colored boro textile is composed of nine separate pieces of repurposed cotton cloth that have been hand stitched together.

It is a beautiful boro cloth.  The resist dyed areas, which comprise most of the piece, are taken from a noren, a kind of door covering/ space divider which can also function as a shop sign for businesses and restaurants.  The rust colored cloth which is faded from wear is of a particularly heavy weight.

The color combination--indigo, ochre and rust--and the graphics of the resist-dyed kanji or Chinese characters are a winning combination and are visually attractive.

An unusual and very good looking boro textile, and one of good size and composition.


A Beautiful and Unusual Boro Textile: Noren Pieces