A Ball of Rustic Twisted Cotton Rope: Leftover Rag

$70.00 USD

mid twentieth century
diameter: 6", 15 cm
**we will ship this rope flat and coiled; you can wind it into a ball when you receive it**

This ball of boro rope is hand twisted from innumerable scraps of cotton cloth--and the rope was used hard.

Imagine a good quantity of old, ragged clothing and bedding, or buying rags from a rag merchant; this is the source of this hand made rope which was used for everyday tasks in old Japan, from and hauling goods to any number of other jobs.

The rope shows the colors of commercially produced cottons, the scraps of which were used to braid this length.

It is fascinating to look at the variety of commercially produced and hand loomed cottons that comprise this ball as the variegated colors are really charming--and they reflect the reality of life in mid twentieth century rural Japan.

Wonderful.  Collectible.  And getting harder and harder to find.
A Ball of Rustic Twisted Cotton Rope: Leftover Rag