A Baby's Bib: Shibori and Use

$25.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
12 1/2" x 9", 31.75 cm x 23 cm

Although this is referred to as a "bib" this shibori dyed cotton small child's or baby's garment is more of a chest protector, a kind of accessory known in Japan as muneate: it simply added a layer of protection to the body, either for warmth or to help keep clothing clean.

It has been used hard as can easily be seen by looking at front and back on the images supplied here. The shibori pattern is charming in the scale it occupies on the small garment and the colorful wool ties have largely disintegrated. 

The bib or muneate has been starched--and it would be interesting to open the garment to see if the shibori inside is in better condition than the shibori outside.

A charming old piece of child's clothing from Japan.

A Baby's Bib: Shibori and Use