A 19th Century Temari: A Gift Ball with a Rice Grain Rattle Center

$225.00 USD

ca. mid nineteenth century
3 1/4", 8 cm, diameter

This is a spectacular, old temari and one that should be carefully considered.

Temari, literally “hand ball,” are gifts made for children. Temari were originally made from left over yarn or string, both cotton and silk floss were used for the external decoration.

A ball was created from wound threads.  Sometimes a written wish for the child was placed at the center of the ball, or other times some rice grains or a bell were the center of the ball, placed there to create a rattling or jingling noise.  This temari, in fact, does have a core that is filled with rice grains, and shaking it produces a very lovely, dull rattling sound.  Just lovely, and just what you would like to see in an old temari.

It is an old temari, and old temari are very difficult to find these days.  This one is made from wound cotton yarns.  The surface is an intricate and beautiful lacing of geometric and pictorial forms done in what appear to be botanically dyed silk floss, the floss being a bit worn from age and use.

Shown on the surface of this temari are beautifully hand stitched images: the folding fan, a spray of irises, the auspicious tae or sea bream fish, plum or cherry blossoms and pine needles, a hand fan, a bunch of flowers--all stitched in pinks, blues, greens and light purples.

A feast for eyes.

A marvelous old temari, something extremely hard to find and very collectible.

Very recommended.

A 19th Century Temari: A Gift Ball with a Rice Grain Rattle Center