A 19th Century Silk Piece-Constructed Juban: Katazome

$300.00 USD

**reduced from $375.00**
late nineteenth century
56" x 48", 142.25 cm x 122 cm

This beautifully composed and coloredĀ garmentĀ is a juban, or an under-kimono: it is lightly padded with cotton and is hand stitched from left-over, lightweight silks, some of them botanically dyed.

This kind of "fancy" or patchwork garment is typical of a juban from old Japan: strong colors and interesting patterns of cloth combined in usually symmetrical design were a pleasure for those women who generally wore dark and subtle colored kimono over this brightly colored undergarment.

The cloth which comprises this is 19th century: the very bright red and the very deep purple pieces are chemically dyed silks, whereas the rest of the juban is pieced from naturally dyed silks, many of them figured using the katazome process.

The juban is lined in safflower dyed silk which is faded and slightly mottled from age and wear.

Do note some slight loss to some areas of the silks, shown in the accompanying detail photos.

A really lovely thing.