A Very Large Cotton Boro Cloth: Large Scale Stenciled Diamond Flowers

$340.00 USD

**reduced from $425.00**
early twentieth century
102" x 56", 259 cm x 142 cm

This is an extremely large patched and mended cloth that seems to be of hand woven, hand spun cotton. It is entirely hand stitched, its surface studded with many patches.

The cloth is translucent when backlit and when this is done it also highlights the patches, of course.

The cloth was clearly reconfigured from something else as we can see the large repeat of the diamond flower symbol is not complete on the two, right-hand side images--there must be a panel missing. 

There are tucks to the fabric in the center of the cloth which means when hung up this cloth does not hang flat against a wall, it has a bit of volume and irregularity in the way it appears when hanging freely. 

This is a lovely old cloth with dramatic elements. Its large-scale designs against the white ground are visually appealing and the amount and type of repairs to the piece give a great deal to the viewer.