A Length of Indigo Dyed Cotton Katazome: Maple Leaves and Plovers

$48.00 USD
**reduced from $60.00**
early twentieth century
24" x 12 1/2", 61 cm x 32 cm

This is a charming length of indigo katazome cotton that has been dyed onto hand woven cloth that is made from hand spun yarns.

The repeat pattern shows a nice selection of traditional Japanese designs: maple leaves, weeping branches of cherry blossoms and allusions to the chidori or plover, a well-loved motif.

The cloth is softly faded and the indigo is warm in tone. The structure of the hand spun cotton fabric is lovely. The length is made of two separate pieces hand stitched together and the top fragment shows a diagonal, ingrained crease.

An alluring length of old katazome dyed cotton with a buoyant presence.