A Fragment of Old Katazome Dyed Cotton: Complex Design and Pattern

$140.00 USD

**reduced from $175.00**
late nineteenth century
33" x 13", 84 cm x 33 cm

This is a strangely formal, almost European-type pattern done is katazome dyed cotton.

It is highly geometric by order with the prevalent design theme based in diagonal and diamond patterns and shapes.

The large roundels show a curling, stylized dragon while the very sharp-edged diamonds that surround it contain a central "cross" motif that splits some kind of floral motif.

In the channels connecting the diamonds there fancifully drawn designs that contain the Buddhist flaming pearl, probably intended to be in pair with the elegantly stylized dragon.

The pattern is crisp and deliberately drawn with a good amount of boldness. The scale of the "crosses" in relation to the dragons has a distancing effect. The inclusion of a good amount of grey and orange toned highlights to the pattern makes the design rich and might call to mind a fancy, silk brocade cloth which might have been the intention.

This fragment would look very handsome framed or hanging on a wall.