Riches from Rags: Saki-ori and Other Recycling Traditions in Japanese Rural Clothing

$145.00 USD

authors: Shin-Ichiro Yoshida; Dai Williams
publisher: San Francisco Craft & Folk Art Museum
softcover, 116 pages
fully illustrated in color
11 1/2" x 8 1/2", 31.5 cm x 21.5 cm
in English

Table of Contents:

-Background: Land and Climate; History; Kitamaesen; Bast Fiber Precedents to Saki-Ori; The History of Cotton in Japan; Weaving Technology
-Jimpi: Taima; Fuji; Shifu; Kuzu; Choma & Irakusa; Ohyo; Angin; Kozo; Shina; Microscopic Analysis of Bast Fibers
-Selected Bibliography

**Please note: this is a copy of an out-of-print book from its original edition. Because it is over 20 years old the glue in the spine may be a bit brittle and continued use of the book may cause some pages to loosen.**