Tsutsugaki Textiles

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Kyoto Shoin's Art Library of Japanese Textiles, Vol. 14
95 pages, profusely illustrated in color
text in English and Japanese, hardcover
Publisher: Mamoru Fujioka, Kyoto, Japan
Editors: Shikosha Publishing Co., Ltd., GEN Editorial Studio, Ltd.
8 1/2" x 6", 21 1/5 cm x 15 cm

A compact volume comprehensively showing the popular motives depicted on old Japan's cotton indigo tsutsugaki textiles. Recommended.

Chapter contents:
Tsutsugaki Designs
Castles and Warriors
Various Treasures
Noshi-Ceremonial Binding
Animals, Fish and Sea Shells
Noh Songs and Tales
Pine Tree, Bamboo and Plum Blossoms, Crane and Tortoise
Dragon in the Clouds
Phoenix and Pawlonia
Lotus Blossoms
Family Crests
Tsustugaki Technique
Tsutsugaki Textiles by Sachio Yoshioka

Tsutsugaki Textiles