Stitch Your Own Hanten: Unused Parts Ready to Go

$65.00 USD

mid twentieth century
enough material to make a finished hanten approximately this size:
34" x 52", 86.5 cm x 132 cm

This is a set of old, unused cotton pieces that when stitched together will create a hanten or happi (a kind of jacket worn as a uniform) of approximately the dimensions noted above (shoulder to hem x sleeve tip to sleeve tip).

The narrow collar piece indicates that this would have been worn by someone engaged in the profession of building: the resist dyed kanji or Chinese characters refer to this and also to a family name, Okada, presumably the family who owned the construction company for this would have been a uniform.

The swooping semi-circular white design seen here has a mirror image not shown: this will be the proper back of the garment and when finished the two halves will make one design.

The plain indigo sleeve parts are of an extremely slightly different indigo tone than the body and this is barely discernible--almost impossible to tell--but it bears mentioning.

This could be fun--stitching your own hanten.