An Unusual Green Kaya Tsunobukuro: Mesh Horn Bag

$135.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
37" x 13", 94 cm x 33 cm

Tsunobukuro, or so-called horn bags, are traditionally configured and sewn from one piece of cloth, usually some form of asa or bast fiber cloth.

It is rather unusual that this lovely example, shown here, is hand stitched from a length of green dyed hemp kaya, or mosquito netting. 

Unlike some mosquito netting that is a fragile hemp mesh cloth, this kaya is quite sturdy and of an attractive green color, the result of indigo dying which has been overdyed in a yellow dye stuff.

The accompanying photos show a play of shadows on the body of the bag which appear as if they may be stains, but this is just a play of light.  The tsunobukuro, overall, is in fine condition for its age, and it shows one, marvelous patch which is made of the famous 19th century small figured cloth called Edo komon.

This is a marvelous and unusual piece, and for those of you who have a soft spot for tsunobukuro (we do) this is a lovely example.


An Unusual Green Kaya Tsunobukuro: Mesh Horn Bag