An Intricately Embroidered Rajasthani Bag: Pompoms and Kambira

$115.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
14" x 9 1/2", 35.5 cm x 24 cm

This vibrantly colored and beautifully stitched hand made cotton bag is crafted from recycled cottons: have a look at all the accompanying details to see this clearly, and to also see the bag's interior, which is really lovely and quite different from the exterior shown here.

This bag, sewn from two layers is hand pieced and hand embroidered, using the thread counting method.  Most likely this was a dowry bag or a bag that was used to store valuable items.

It was made by the Muslim Said community in Rajasthan, and the distinctive "stepped" pattern that is embroidered on the bag is called kambira, and is a traditional pattern very much used by this Rajasthani group.

In very good condition, this bag, obviously has been used: still the cotton is bright, the stitching is beautifully intact and the pompoms are still quite there.  The braided strap which is hand stitched to the bag is a new addition and can easily be removed in just a few seconds, if so desired.

Really, really lovely--and please note that the embroidered stitching on this bag is just a cut above the others you may have seen.

An Intricately Embroidered Rajasthani Bag: Pompoms and Kambira