An Amazing Pieced Bag from 1947: Maker Narrative Written Inside

$345.00 USD

dated Showa 21 or 1947
17" x 21", 43 cm x 53.5 cm

The joltingly wild patchwork--tiny silk and rayon scraps crowded together--that is hand stitched to create this drawstring bag is amazing in and of itself, but there is more.

Inside, on the bag's cotton lining there is a hand written narrative by its maker, an 81 year old woman named Toshiko, who, judging from her age, is a person born during the last years of Japan's feudal Edo period.

The narrative says, roughly, "I started this patchwork in August 1st,  Showa 21 (1947) finished in August 16th which was during summer holidays, I worked without glasses, my right eye doesn’t have good sight but left eye has, so I used left eye for this work. I enjoyed working on this patchwork. Toshiko, 81years old."

It is just amazing--and rare--to find a narrative accompanying a work like this, and this simple sentiment gives us a richer context for enjoying this delightful and visually compelling patchwork.

There is little more to say about it because Toshiko has told us so much. The wayward leaning patches and their small sizes and strange shapes--and their bright colors--is dessert for the eyes. The drawstring is made of leftover silk and the tabs holding it are of different colors.

A rare beauty; a wonderful treat.

Highly recommended.