An Indigo Dyed Old Boro Mat: Katazome Pieces and Eccentric Stitching

$185.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
34 1/4" x 24", 87 cm x 61 cm

This is a beautiful, soulful old indigo dyed boro textile.

It is hand stitched from two pieces of katazome dyed cotton which are laid side by side and sewn together. The two short ends have been finished which indicates that this boro cloth was intended to be used for a specific purpose, perhaps a sleeping mat for a baby or perhaps a sitting mat for an adult.

The base cloth is beautiful: it shows a katazome dyed cotton whose fanciful pattern is trying to mimic ikat or kasuri.

Stitched on top of this base cloth are patches of three different types of katazome cloth, with two of these prominent patches being dyed blue-on-white. Please note the stitching to the cloth: very interesting.

As can be easily seen this cloth has been used hard: it is faded, abraded, patched and battered with some loss to the edges and a good deal of repair. Both sides of the cloth are shown here as each side is rich in history and details.

It is always wonderful to find a complete or intact boro textile like this one, and better if it is attractive in materials and design as this one is.