An Indigo Dyed Cotton Boro Kimono: Seen Inside-Out

$395.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
50" x 46", 127 cm x 117 cm

This is a patched and mended indigo dyed cotton kimono. As the patches are concentrated on the inside of the garment (as is often the case in mended garments from old Japan) the kimono is being shown inside-out to highlight the patches.

As can easily be seen there is a good amount of patching to the inside of the sleeves, bottom and front of this kimono. There are some small holes to the bottom, proper left of the garment which can easily be seen in the accompanying detail photographs.

The base cloth is a deeply colored indigo dyed cotton that is kasuri or ikat check.

The proper outside of the kimono shows abrasion which can also be seen on the last photo here. There are some threadbare areas but overall the cloth is in fairly well-used and stable condition.

Interesting to note is the large, pale-toned top piece: this is a quite faded area of Edo komon or small-figured all over patterned cloth that was popular in Japan in the early to mid 19th century.

For someone wishing to acquire a nicely patched boro kimono with good age this is one to consider.