A Girl's Omi Jofu Kimono: Indigo Dyed Kasuri Hemp or Ramie

$295.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
48" x 39", 122 cm x 99 cm

This is a girl's kimono which is hand stitched from the wonderful and luxurious Omi jofu, a fine quality hemp or ramie cloth from present day Shiga prefecture.

The kimono is identified as belonging to an adolescent not just by its size but also by its tailoring: the shoulder area is tucked and stitched on either side in order to make it narrow enough to suit the shoulder span of a girl.

The cloth is beautifully colored and woven--and the intricate kasuri dyed pattern is rich. The pattern is a repeat that shows a weft-based pattern of peonies, tortoises, tortoise shell and well covers. Warp yarns are resisted in long, narrow arrow feather shapes which add a dazzling effect to the pattern.

The indigo is warm, faded and natural. The cloth is finely woven and a bit scratchy in the hand. The cloth is a classic type of Omi jofu: wonderfully decorated and woven with a distinct style to the place of origin.

Of course this unlined kimono shows fading and wear but each is not overwhelming. There is one noticeable and small hole to the sleeve, shown in an accompanying detail photo.

A beautiful garment and one with good age and fine condition, this is a very nice Japanese folk textile and one to consider adding to your collection.


A Girl's Omi Jofu Kimono: Indigo Dyed Kasuri Hemp or Ramie