An Extremely Good Boro Length: Stitching, Patching and Age

$95.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
63" x 13", 160 cm x 33 cm

This boro length is of very good age and quality, with a lot of interesting and beautiful details, many of which are the kind you would like to see on a rustic boro panel.

The length is unusual: it is finished on the top and bottom short sides.  The boro itself is hand stitched from four pieces of dark, striped cotton, this dark colored cotton is of a type that was hand loomed extensively up until the 19th century.  What is wonderful about some of these striped cotton pieces is that they are densely sashiko stitched, which creates weight and texture that is hard to convey on the accompanying photographs.

There are five, indigo dyed cotton kasuri patches which are hand stitched to the surface as well as two long and narrow patches of striped cotton, which makes seven surface patches in all.  The applied patches contrast beautifully with the dark base cloth.

Not only is this boro length beautiful from the visual standpoint, but once you are able to observe it closely and feel the heavy drape in the hand, it becomes something more wonderful that can be seen in the photos here.

A very good boro length with age and patina, and recommended.

An Extremely Good Boro Length: Stitching, Patching and Age