An End Bolt Length of Katazome: Beautiful Arabesque Pattern

$80.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
40" x 13", 101.5 cm x 33 cm

This is a length of indigo dyed, hand spun and hand woven cotton katazome cloth.

The all over pattern is of the Chinese bell flower motif which is integrated with a background of an arabesque design, creating an elegant, delicate and linear repeat pattern of good size.

The white-on-blue effect in the way the pattern is rendered has an almost sparkling effect.

As this length was taken from some form of bedding such as a futon cover or a kimono shaped duvet called a yogi, we can imagine this pattern covering a larger area and its effect must have been rich.

This length has several distinguishing features. One is the very subtle patched repair seen on a detail photo which accompanies this post. The others are that the length is hand stitched from two distinct pieces and, maybe most interesting, is that his section was taken from the end of the dyed bolt as can be noted on the blank square on the bottom, center of the length, and the two corners which have been pinched when dyed and are undyed.

In good used condition, the indigo dye on this length is still fairly deep and the play between light and dark is beautifully realized.


An End Bolt Length of Katazome: Beautiful Arabesque Pattern