An Early 19th Century Recycled Wrapping Paper: 1827

$225.00 USD

dated 1827
47" x 33", 119.5 cm x 84 cm

This beautiful, paper object is created from layers of re-purporsed paper that have been laminated together, doused in kaki shibu or the green persimmon tannin, and written on using sumi or charcoal based ink.

This tatoushi or kimono wrapping paper dates to the first half of the 19th century--the date equivalent to ours of 1827 is found written on this paper

This was said to have been used to wrap a kimono or some other type of cloth at a pawn shop at the end of the Edo period, in this case during the Bunsei era.  That said, it is easy to see how a rather flat, square-shaped item could be set in the center of the paper and the four flaps would be folded over it to secure it in place.

The paper itself is rich and beautiful from re-purposing and wear, and the buried markings on the paper are the result of the layers of recycled ledger papers being used to make this piece. There is clear writing on the center front of the tatoushi and on a flap on the reverse.

A marvelous object, one with great age and history, and something wonderful to admire as an item preserved from old Japan or on its own merits as an unintended work of art.