An Asa no ha Itajime Panel: Creased Hemp

$50.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
58" x 12 1/2", 147.25 cm x 31.25 cm

This is a panel of hemp or ramie cloth which was taken from an unlined kimono; the cloth was dyed in the itajime or clamp resist dyed method and the pattern shown here is a traditional Japanese design called asa no ha or the hemp leaf motif.

The lavender dye is probably synthetic, and the base cloth is a bit truer white than shown on the accompanying photos, which suggest a warm cast to the undyed base.

As this piece was taken from an unlined, casual, summer kimono, there are some ingrained creases which may be permanently set into this cloth.

But what a wonderful pattern and what a wonderful technique used to produce it.


An Asa no ha Itajime Panel: Creased Hemp