An Akita Shibori Head Covering: Sashiko Stitching

$100.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
69" x 12 1/2", 175 cm x 31.5 cm 

This length of indigo dyed cotton is a traditional head covering from Japan's north east or Tohoku region which is called a zukin or a naga tenugui.

This piece comes from Akita prefecture, and its shibori decoration is very much in the spirit of the spare, dark shibori for which Akita is known. The zig-zag of blue-on-blue shibori is graphic, simple and beautifully realized.

The center panel of the head covering is typical of pieces like this: there is an added layer of cotton which is stitched to the base cloth using sashiko stitching.  Obviously this added panel is meant to provide strength to the piece since the wearer's head sits right under it.

The two short ends of the head covering are unfinished and the condition is very good.

A lovely piece to admire or to use as in home decor. 

An Akita Shibori Head Covering: Sashiko Stitching