An Akita Shibori Fragment: Field of Flowers

$50.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
32" x 14", 81.25 cm x 35.5 cm

This beautiful length of old, indigo dyed cotton shibori is from the Tohoku or north east region of Japan.  It is of wonderful hand loomed cotton and it shows a spare field of plum blossoms and pine needles: the plum blossoms are made with a tied shibori method while the pine needles are resisted using a stitched method.

This panel of deeply colored indigo is made of two pieces: if you look at the accompanying photographs you will seem a hand stitched seam that runs down the proper left of this piece of indigo dyed cotton shibori.  There is some surface patina from wear.

The touch of these shape resisted flowers and pine needles is really delicate and beautiful, and this old, hand woven cotton is an unprepossessing, soulful beauty.

Just lovely.

An Akita Shibori Fragment: Field of Flowers