An Absolutely Beautiful Shibori Boro Textile: Piece Constructed

$295.00 USD

mid twentieth century
51 1/2" x 36", 131 cm x 91.5 cm

This is a really beautiful indigo dyed cotton shibori textile, one that is presumably made from recycled kimono cloth.

This vibrantly patterned cloth is hand stitched from pieces and it shows two different types of shibori, a churning floral pattern and a pattern based on a lazy, trailing type of arabesque.

One side of this cloth is slightly light faded which creates a soft indigo hue over all and this is a lovely feature.

The other side is darker in tone and it is on this side where we can see the hand stitched seams and the small patches that were used to mend this cloth, either after it was made or in its former life as a kimono.

The cotton is lightweight and the shibori is of an unusual pattern. The design is such that it creates a kind of dynamic visual surface display which is an attractive element and is delightful to see.

There is one small hole, very difficult to find in the midst of so much shibori distraction, and the hole is pictured on the attached set of detail photos.

Very beautiful.