A Blue-on-White Boro Panel: Well-Worn Obi Shin

$40.00 USD

mid twentieth century
71" x 13 1/2", 180.5 cm x 34.25 cm

This length of boro cloth was taken from an obi shin, an obi shin being old, used cloth that is layered and inserted inside an obi in order to keep the obi stiff. 

Because the obi shin is never meant to be seen, it is very often made of extremely old or discarded pieces of cloth.

This particular example of blue-on-white printed cotton is actually now grey in color from years of wear.  It also shows some tattered and torn areas to the upper, left hand side.

However, even though there is ingrained dinginess to the white cotton, it is evenly distributed enough to look intentional.  The patching is lovely and dresses up this length.

A very attractive boro panel with an interesting, "secret" history.

A Blue-on-White Boro Panel: Well-Worn Obi Shin