A White Boro Under Futon or Sleeping Mat: Faded, Worn Flannel

$375.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
66" x 34", 168 cm x 86.5 cm

This is a white-toned boro under futon or sleeping mat that is entirely hand stitched from undyed cotton and figured flannel that has long lost its nap and whose pattern has faded away.

As you can imagine white colored boro pieces are not the norm, mainly because they are prone to becoming dirty quickly. This one does show a good deal of wear (the bald cotton flannel, for one) and although there is some ingrained dirt from a long stint of use it still has retained a lovely, almost ivory color tone.

The shikimono or shikibuton is made from two full panels of traditional width that are stitched together with a half-width panel that in reality is one full panel folded onto itself lengthwise.

The side that is on view here shows about 12 patches and the entire area of the cloth is piece constructed. There are areas where the cloth is threadbare and there are areas where the pattern of the original flannel peaks out.

As white tone boro are not often seen, and as this one is in good condition and shows fine artistry, it is something worth considering.


A White Boro Under Futon or Sleeping Mat: Faded, Worn Flannel