A Western Tailored Boro Shirt: Wonderful Old Cottons

$395.00 USD

mid twentieth century
33" x 53", 84 cm x 134.5 cm

At Sri Western-styled boro clothing is a favorite, and this item was pulled from the secret collection in order to offer it for sale.

It must come as no surprise that in the twentieth century Western ways were being adopted in Japan, and clothing styles were no exception.  The beauty of this adaptation is that Western style clothing was hand made from traditional, recycled Japanese hand loomed cottons, creating an exciting fashion hybrid, such as can be seen in this shirt.

It is made almost entirely of indigo dyed cotton kagasuri, or "mosquito" kasuri, so-called because the white flecks which dot the surface of the are as small as a mosquito (they are actually much smaller!).

The sleeves are pieced constructed from three different kinds of kasuri cotton while the inside of the shirt, as can be seen, is beautifully patched and reinforced with other, contrasting cottons.  

The entirely hand-stitched shirt is closed by five metal snap closures.

A marvelous thing to own, and one that is a rare treat to add to any collection of boro textiles.

Very recommended.

A Western Tailored Boro Shirt: Wonderful Old Cottons