A Very Patched Han Juban: Machine Stitched Boro

$115.00 USD

mid twentieth century
29 1/2" x 23", 75 cm x 58.5 cm

This is a very patched indigo dyed kasuri cotton half-under kimono or han juban. The many patches which are (mainly) machine stitched to this garment are also of various types of kasuri cotton: this kind of boro could be referred to as misshin or machine boro.

The bodice shows a fairly lightweight cotton which is woven in a repeat pattern of diamonds, the pattern also could be that of stylized pine bark or matsukawabishi, a traditional design.

Stitched all over this lovely garment are fragments of interesting, mid-century kasuri cotton, the scale change between patches adds visual variety and is the reason this boro piece is so captivating to look at.

It is shown here inside-out, as most boro pieces are, as this is how the patches on boro textiles are best showcased.

A beautiful piece and one with a wonderful variety of cloth, beautifully and randomly arranged.