A Beautiful, Very Patched and Layered Boro Futon Cover: Tremendously Good Fragments

$365.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
60" x 50", 152 cm x 127 cm

This richly patched and piece-constructed boro futon cover fragment is dense in wonderful, old fragments of indigo dyed cotton.  

Their arbitrary arrangement adds up to an arresting visual display that haphazardly comes into focus as something tremendously artful and charged with unintended beauty.

The scraps and fragments that are hand stitched together to comprise this area of cloth vary in age from those woven in the late nineteenth century to those woven in the middle of the twentieth century--and this tells a bit of a story about how this futon cover was made.  

We are looking at the proper inside of the futon cover where the patches are most evident: this side was not meant to be seen which further emphasizes the fact that little aesthetic judgment was used by the maker when stitching together these fragments.

A wonderful piece.