A Very Large Resist Dyed Boro Furoshiki: Over Dyed Cotton

$275.00 USD

early twentieth century
70" x 62", 178 cm x 157.5 cm

This is a very large, resist dyed cotton furoshiki, a furoshiki being a traditional Japanese cloth used for bundling and carrying objects, and this one has seen a good deal of work in its day.

As can be seen, there is a very large, resist-dyed central image. It is not easy to say what design this is meant to be as it is an unusual one, but it very well may be two over laid images of wood sorrel. 

The cotton which comprise these five panels is hand woven and is over dyed: first the cloth was dyed in indigo and then it was dyed again in a yellow dye to achieve the green color we see here. As can also be noted, the green is really a green/blue which is very slightly mottled all-over: this is due to the process of over dyeing.

Seven mending patches are stitched to the surface of this furoshiki and there is one tear to the lower, left corner.

It is an impressive cloth when seen in person, for its size and for the large scale of the resist dyed central image.