A Very Good Piece-Constructed Drawstring Bag: Hemp and Silk

$100.00 USD

early twentieth century
6 1/2" x 9" x 9", 16.5 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm

This is a very well-thought out and beautifully designed drawstring bag.

The use of color alone is charming.  Notice the four slices of bright colored chirimen or crepe silk that anchor the design of the bag: a deep scarlet, a rich purple, a carnation pink and a saturated teal color are spaced equally among the indigo dyed kasuri and the striped hemp or ramie sections that, too, are equally spaced around the bag.

The bottom of the bag is a real eye-opener, and one that must have provided a great deal of pleasure to the maker and to the bearer of this bag.

Six equal areas are given to three wedges of figured silk and three wedges of striped and zanshi ori asa cloth with a chrome yellow chirimen hexagon right in the center.  Just lovely.  This pseudo-flower design is affixed to a rigid, card bottom.

The drawstring seems original to the bag and all the loops that thread it are intact.  The bag is lined in undyed cotton.

A little treasure, to be sure.