A Very Good Piece Constructed Boro Padded Textile: Off-Square and Intact

$165.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
37 1/2" x 33", 95 cm x 84 cm

This is a really handsome old textile which is completely intact and in good condition.

It is a complex, piece-constructed, padded and quilted cloth that is hand stitched from a great variety of re-purposed cottons, mainly stripes.

The shape is a slightly off-square and the richness and the variety of cloth fragments that comprise both front and back is just beautiful and subtle.  As noted early, the condition overall is good.  This piece is still very usable; it is not fragile.

The padding is cotton wadding and the original purpose of this is unclear: it seems to be some kind of sitting mat or perhaps a kind of under-futon of sleeping mat for babies or children.

Still, this quilted textile is rich in flavor and is a high-volume one that speaks beautifully of life in old Japan.