A Very Good Komebukuro: Indigo Dyed Cottons

$80.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
12" x 11" x 11", 30 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm

This lovely drawstring bag is hand sewn from about 10 pieces of hand loomed Japanese cottons, an assortment of indigo dyed kasuri, or ikat textiles predominating. About five different patterns of cloth are shown. The cotton drawstring seems original to the bag. 

This kind of piece-constructed, drawstring bag is often referred to as a komebukuro

are bags that were used to bring token offerings of uncooked rice or beans to a temple or shrine festival, the piecing and patching often being thought-out and planned, for festive effect.  

A marvelous bag, it is one that shows a really lovely and good range of hand loomed cottons--it is an object that beautifully recalls the spirit of old Japan.

Beautiful, and of good size.

A Very Good Komebukuro: Indigo Dyed Cottons