A Very Faded Katazome Panel: Tsurukame

$55.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
34" x 17", 86.5 cm x 43 cm

This extremely faded, washed-out fragment from a futon cover is beautifully soft of color after its 100 years of life.

It is made of three pieces of indigo dyed cotton that have gone grey with age and wear; the three pieces are hand stitched. On the surface of the cloth are vestiges of a pale, orange color which is the result of detailing being done with bengara, an iron oxide based pigment.

The swirling pattern and the muted colors work beautifully together--for the person who acquires this piece you will note the selvedge still shows the original colors of the cloth, which are strikingly rich in comparison to the toned-down nature of the colors seen here.

Just lovely.

A Very Faded Katazome Panel: Tsurukame