A Very Boro Katazome Han Juban: Patches and Holes

$255.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth through early twentieth century
27" x 26", 68.5 cm x 66 cm 

This is a spectacular boro garment so please spend a bit of time with it.

This indigo dyed cotton han juban, or half under kimono, is equally interesting front, back and inside-out.  That said, we are showing all views today, so please look carefully at the attached detail photographs to investigate all aspects of this heavily patched and mended garment.

The base cloth is a complex, indigo dyed cotton katazome cloth which depicts large scale plum blossoms within a misty atmosphere, with six-pointed shapes sharing the background and coming in and out of focus through the resist dyed mist.  This katazome pattern is really beautiful.

As can be readily seen, much of the heavy patching of the garment's interior is visible on the outside.  The interior is patched with mainly dark colored striped and plaid cotton cloth which is in wonderful visual contrast to the ethereal, pale blue pattern of the han juban's proper exterior.

But as much as this sleeveless garment is repaired, there are still ample small holes--and one large, plum-sized one--that are still quite visible on this boro garment.

A remarkable find.


A Very Boro Katazome Han Juban: Patches and Holes