A Very Beautiful Length of Jishiro Katazome: Blue on White

$110.00 USD

ca. mid to late nineteenth century
54" x 13", 137 cm x 33 cm

This is a really, really beautiful length of old jishiro or blue-on-white katazome cotton.  

Beginning with the hand spun cotton yarn, this piece is all that is good about antique, Japanese hand made, artisan dyed cloth--and its subtle beauty, skillful dyeing and soft light fading conjurs up vivid images of old Japan.

The pattern is an intricate one: a complex, diamond-patterned lattice which is dyed in asagi or sky blue indigo shows regularly placed trailing clusters of grapes, an image not often seen in Japanese textiles: that is not to say the grape image is super unusual, however it appears only occasionally on folk textiles.

The cotton is soft and mended; there are three, small cotton patches.

A really beautiful length of katazome cloth which is wonderful in color and design, this is recommended.