A Two Process Shibori Han Juban: Kasuri Sleeves

$280.00 USD

**reduced from $350.00**
mid twentieth century
29" x 41 1/2", 73 cm x 105.5 cm

This jacket-like garment is a han juban which is a half-length under-kimono.  As is readily seen, the body of the han juban is beautifully shibori dyed while the sleeves are kasuri or ikat dyed.  The body of the han juban is dyed in natural indigo while the sleeves seem to have been dyed using a synthetic dye.

And the body of the garment is really lovely and shows two different types of shibori, one done on top of the other.  It appears the cotton was dyed in a pale blue and then it was finely pleated and immersed in the dye: if you look at the accompany photos you will see very narrow, vertical stripes on the base of the cotton.  Over this is a diagonal placement of larger scale waves of darker indigo, beautifully wide and undulating.  The result is rich, textural and very much about indigo dyed shibori.

There are just a few, small, insignificant holes to the body of the han juban and they are pictured in the accompanying detail photographs.  

The garment is still very wearable should this be a desire, or, better yet, it is a wonderful study piece for those interested in traditional shibori dyeing or indigo dyeing.

Recommended and beautiful.